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Customomized Greetings Cards

Custom options for your greeting cards

Choose in the different sections of this page the greeting, the font and type of paper. There is also the possibility to add your logo, signatures, card background, calendar and detachable bookmark.

Choose a Greeting

Choose your greeting in our text selection. You can also send us your own personnalized greeting when placing your online order.


Choose a Font

Select the font from the below lists for the card interior text. (Fonts available for printed cards only)


Choice of Paper – Greeting Cards

We offer you a wide selection of papers that should meet your expectations. If you can’t make up your mind, ask for our on demand free samples.

* The cover silk paper 2 sides is not recommended if you want to sign your cards or write a text.



Blank WHITE ENVELOPES are provided FREE OF CHARGE when you place your corporate card order.

Matching Card Design Printing

We are offering you to print your matching card design on an envelope. Available to print on white envelopes only.
View matching envelopes 

Envelope Color

Some colors may not be available. 5 ¢ extra /per color envelope and 10 ¢ extra / per prestige envelope.

Envelope Printing

Print your logo and return address in B&W or color on the envelope front or on the back flap of the envelope. View our price list for details. Printing on the flap or front and back is at the same price.

Personalized Addressing

You can have your envelopes printed with your addressees coordinates. Your address list should be provided in an Excel file.
Prices on demand.


Choose your Greeting Card Background Image

Choose interior color printing for your logo or text and we will add, free of charge, your card background inside image. All background images are available in horizontal or vertical orientation. The colors can be modified to match your card design or your company logo. Click on a background image to have a closer look at it.

Choice of Greeting Card Background Image