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Static ecards

Choice of static ecards

A static ecard is the perfect way to reach quickly and at a low cost your customers and business partners.

Choose the options of you static ecard
Choose your card from our wide selection. Add your logo, the text of your choice and personalize your card with our different options. Most of our card designs can also be used for an ecard. It is possible to change colors for some of the cards. You will receive your virtual card embedded in an email. A simple click gives you access to the visual hosted on an Internet page.

For more information, please take a look at our pricing chart.

The Ecard will be hosted on our server for free until February 2022. The cards are compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. For optimal performance and rendering of animated cards in html 5, it is recommended to use a recent operating system and browser.

Choose a font

Select the font for your ecard.

New Christmas Greetings

Choose your greeting in our text selection. You can also send us your own personnalized greeting when placing your online order.



Christmas Greetings


Sending the static ecard

Here are the final production steps to send the static ecard:  

1st step
We will send you a proof of your ecard for approval prior to the final ecard production.

2nd step
Upon proof approval, you will receive an email with your embedded final static ecard. The email contains a link that opens a webpage showing a larger version of your static ecard. The ecard is visible on computers, smartphones and tablets.

3rd step
You can manage your ecard mailing simply by forwarding the email of the ecard to your contacts. It is recommended, prior to sending your final email, to test your mailing with friends or colleagues. We do not manage the mailing service with contact lists, however we can assist you for technical support (the technical support refers only to our part of the html email mailing and is not related to your computer configuration or the software you are using). The ecards will be hosted on our servers until February 2021.